Frequently-Asked Questions

Here are the answers to the most common questions about L’Heritage.
If you are unsure of something that is not covered here, please email us at [email protected]

L’ Heritage is established with the mindset of time-proof family’s wealth. We provide solutions and carry out execution to ensure your descents remain the beneficiary of your estate.

Along your journey, L’ Heritage assists our clients in other aspects of life: Global Residence, Luxury Concierge, and Social Impact and Philanthropy.

Legacy Planning is an approach to safeguard one’s wealth throughout generations. It is to ensure your descents will be beneficial of the legacy your family have generated over time.

We start with your family’s source of income and wealth. Advisory process differs from family to family. After we get to know your family wealth structure, we will process on investment with capital conservation against inflation as priority. Investment can be conventional financial instruments to private equities or even social impact investment for philanthropic families.

It depends on your family’s wealth structure and family tree. In regard to family tree and discrete preference, we encourage you to discuss with our team if it is necessary for your family to pursue Legacy Planning.

With asset and wealth aspects, rule of thumb suggests your family wealth reaches minimum of 5.0 million USD.

Our objective is to assist our clients to transfer their wealth to endure for next generations, Legacy Planning. To do so, asset protection is key followed by capital conversation investment. Our team comprises of veteran investment bankers who research and invest hundreds of investments annually.

We understand and service our clients to settle yourselves globally wherever suits best to your family lifestyle by assisting from planning to execution and delivery.

Families tend to have various rationale why they want to secure their alternative residence and citizenship: kid’s education, business opportunity, privacy and security, lifestyle, quality of life, healthcare, and estate planning.

Our experienced team deal with many hundreds of relocations can sit down and discuss with you of various options.

L’ Heritage work on the needs and preference of your family. Any possibility of programs which suits best to you, we will work on that: more than ten citizenship-by-investment and ten residence-by-investment programs

The process can take from one month to more than 18 months. This depends on the program requirements and approval time by governments and authorities.

Our global residence team do not have a go-to country. It all depends on your family lifestyle and what your family value the most. We have clients originally from eastern hemisphere relocating to the west, and vice versa. At the same time, we also have clients moving to another country in the same region.

Nevertheless, we prefer our clients to consider Thailand as your home through Thailand Elite Membership.

Thailand has an advantage of strategic location in Asia. You easily reach anywhere in Asia within a 3-hour nap. Thailand offers vibrant yet peaceful lifestyle with varieties of selection: cuisines, cultures, tourist attractions.

As member of WTO and many FTA agreements, Thailand attracts Foreign Direct Investment and business & investment opportunities including capital market.

Thailand Elite allow entrepreneurs and investors to live and invest in Thailand for up to twenty years without worries.

L’Heritage work seamlessly with authorities to ensure hassle free entry to Thailand.

L’ Heritage provide consultancy and support with documentation and application process. However, approval is discrete and upon authority’s consideration.

L’ Heritage reinforce with international service providers to meet with your lifestyle. We can escort you from your residence to desired destinations with a few activities along the route: property services, transportation, private security, special invitation events, and other errands you would need.

Social Impact Investment can be as easy as ESG investment approach till an investment that change the community.

Philanthropic activities are carried out at L’ Heritage. We value “Give Back” attitude. We support communities in many approaches: financial education, malnutrition, healthcare, and other adversities.

Impact investor can choose investing in ESG business, basic needs activity, or based on religious and belief.

L’ Heritage charge annual fee based on the services you require us to service. Initial fee starts from USD 20,000 per annum, unless indicated different.